Digital Media Industry
High employee turnover
Complicated salary and commission system
There is an urgent need for compliance services and professional legal support because of the chaotic market.
Our digital platform realizes fast signing, convenient management, and safe removal
Provide a salary calculation system with a variety of salary rules
Employee automated compliance check, remote legal support
Manufacturing Industry
Large number of employees, high turnover rate, high probability of labor disputes
Timing and piece rate calculation methods coexist, making salary calculation difficult
The production plan changes very quickly, and the attendance and scheduling difficulties caused by uncertainty
Support batch data entry. Provide legally valid digital contracts.
A variety of salary calculation methods, customized salary calculation system, flexible adjustment of salary bills
Labor management, working hours analysis, intelligent scheduling
High-tech Industry
Rapid expansion of business and personnel
Need to understand the latest national policies and regulations on the industry
Need professional HR to provide relevant support
Quick signing, support batch creation of contracts
Policy and regulation knowledge base sharing
HR news push
150+ Countries
50+ Currencies
3 Minutes Layout
1 Step for compliance
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